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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. How do I reach you?

A. You can send me an EMAIL: cyclingartphotography@hotmail.com  with your question or request.

Or if you would prefer you can CALL or send a TEXT: 602-376-0226

Q. Is there any order to the galleries and photos in them?

A. The folders or galleries are arranged with the latest shoots at the top of the page. Photos inside the galleries are in chronological order starting from the morning of the event.

Q. Will the CYCLING ART PHOTOGRAPHY watermark that is in the center of the photo as shown on the website appear on my purchased items?

A. No. You will receive prints and download files without the watermark.

Q. There is only  an option for a Low-Res Digital Download and not an option for a Hi-Res Digital Download?

A. If the photo you have selected only offers the choice for a Low-Res download and you would like a Hi-Res, contact me and I will upload a Hi-Res version for you.

Untitled photo
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